Los Angeles hoarding cleanup begins when the hoarder acts on a positive self-image transferred to their home. Rather than continue living with the frustration of clutter and debris, they decide to call a professional hoarder cleanup company. One hoarding cleanup service I've marketed describes how hoarders inherit their behavior generation to generation. Other hoarder cleanup companies found at hoarding cleanup directory have more information about hoarding cleanup . There are differences between hoarding and cluttering.


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"This tier system helps communicate to others what I intend to do and when they might choose to take over." Eddie Evans

"Grab it, move it, toss it and return for more. That's the meaning of hoarding cleaning."

"Some mentally ill people become hoarders (schitzophrenia for one), but not all hoarders are mentally ill."

Eddie Evans


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Hoarding Cleanup Information

Hoarding Cleanup

Call me Eddie Evans. Make me a hoarding cleaning offer and we'll begin from there. I hope to please while helping you recover your home from stuff and neglect. I can clean for one day or ten. The time it takes me to clean depends on your needs and wishes.

Some hoarders hire me to relieve their home of the mass of hoarding cleanup debris and complete the rest on their own. Here's one way to gauge the degrees of hoarding cleanup and services required for your purposes -- the tier system:

Hoarding Cleanup 3 Tier System

  1. Lest hoarding debris with mild cleaning tasks remaining, something a robust mail service might perform for a keen fee.
  2. Mid-range hoarding debris remaining with lifting, moving, disposing, arranging, and surface-wide cleaning remaining or organizing work for you.
  3. Heaviest hoarding debris lifting, moving, disposing, arranging, with heaviest cleaning tasks pending.
I use this tier system to help plan for hoarding cleanup as well as other types of cleaning. I also have other Los Angeles businesses: homicide, suicide, unattended death, and decomposition cleanup businesses. From these businesses it's easy to see that hoarding cleanup does not count as my first and most lucrative cleaning business..

At time I practice my Los Angeles filthy house cleanup business when I find a filthy house in need of tiers 2 and 3 type cleaning. This tier system helps communicate to others what I intend to do and when they might choose to take over. (return) Of course with the biohazard cleanup tasks listed above, I always clean tiers 2 and 3 since that's why I'm hired in the first place.


Not Cheap

So that you know beforehand, Los Angeles hoarding cleaning does not come cheap. I do my best to make it affordable, but that's another part of my story for another time. The fact remains that people do not sell the skills, abilities, knowledge, and labor cheap unless they must. My prices reflect the cost of doing business:

  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Cleaning Insurance
  • Vehicle cost and maintenance
  • Selling my labor for hoarding cleanup when I could sell it on the Internet for writing content much like this.
  • Lost time from my remaining life time.

So, no, I do not sell my cleaning labor cheap; if someone tells you that they do "Hoarding cleanup cheaply," and you believe it, then maybe you found a deal or a fact twister.

My prices really do depend on free market forces. Completion, my availability, upcoming jobs, my current business needs, and so forth. Call me.

Tell me what you deal with. I'll tell you what I know about hoarding cleanup. Call hoarding cleanup companies. Find out what they offer and find out about their prices. Some hoarding cleanup companies offer a steep price while doing excellent cleaning.

Remember my telephone number 888-431-7233 appears on hundreds of web pages for marketing reasons.


Ancient Hoarders

I'm certain that humanity's hoarding behavior goes back to the beginning of our first thoughts: MINE!

That "mine" idea probably sprang through caves or villages quicker than any other ideas. Everything "mine" found a special place, probably a hiding place. For certain the kids hid stuff from the bigger males because they had to. I can see it now. The first hoarders were tiny kids hiding their newly found stuff behind trees and under bushes.

Stuff for both women and children most probably meant food. In his book about Lucy, a 4 million year old skeleton, a paleontologist named Johansen surmises that critters learned deception first because they had to. This meant hiding valuable from others for the sake of defeating starvation.

The big guys hoarded too, but for them hoarding may have meant adding to their romantic powers. Imagine the first women admiring men for the hoarded goods. Hoarding cleanup in those days didn't last long I bet. In fact, I'll bet the critters ran off with hoarded stuff most of the time.

After all, unless you have doors and windows, what's to keep the critters from hoarding your hoarded goodies?

I see hoarding cleaning becoming an issue with the Kings and the rest of the aristocracy, the ruling class. As they took the peasants hoarded goods, you can bet they hoarded anything not growing out of the ground.

In fact, they hoarded the crops as we find in the sacred texts of the Judeo-Christian-Muslem Religions. Patriarchs, princes, princesses, barons, dukes, and the rest hoarded and finally needed hoarding protection. Some historians from the political economy side of scholarship call these goods "surplus value."

These days hoarding cleaning requires special tools, like wheelbarrows, rakes, shovels, and carpet cutters. Hoarding cleaning became an art because time means money.

Grab it, move it, toss it and return for more. That's the meaning of hoarding cleaning.

Hoarding cleaning for a house move out becomes a wonderful experience for the hoarding cleaning company owner. House move outs mean nobody cares about what goes out the door or how it goes out the door. The important idea here means getting hoarded materials out.


A Responsible Party

Now when hoarding cleanup involves a family's responsible party, we have another set of eyes.

Now there's plenty of attention to just how hoarding cleaning happens.

Someone cares how stuff goes out the door and what goes out the door. It doesn't matter if hoarding cleanup occurs in Orange County or on a Los Angeles hoarding cleanup site. Someone cares for their property.

My job ensures caring for important property, watching for it. It's important that family wealth and keepsakes remain in the family's home during and after hoarding cleanup. A responsible pary ensures that I do my job; otherwise, a family must trust my judgement and integrity, which many family have chosen as their approach to ending their nightmare.


First Hoarding Job

I did my first hoarding cleaning job as a very young boy. One of our neighbors had a hoarding problem and their son played baseball with all the kids. When his father suffered a near-fatal injury at work, some of us came to his house.

Once in we saw for ourselves what "hoarding" means. Well, "clutter" would also cover the presenting issues. On a whim all the kids decided to straighten out the clutter and bring an end to the confusing sight creating by indiscriminate hoarding. In a few hours we had every room shipshape. We were pleased, and my friend's parents were embarrassed, I learned later.

That's how I learned about hoarding cleanup and cluttered houses. Decades passed before I returned to hoarding cleanup as a professional biohazard cleaner. Hoarding cleaning needs create embarrassment for those in the hoarding cleanup market. As a consequence I keep hoarding cleanup web sites available for different cities.

So before long you may stumble across a number of my web sites. I do not do this to annoy people. Marketing with many web sites in Los Angeles became a necessity for me because of local government corruption. If you visit crime scene cleanup cronyism you can read about it.


I Hoard Too.

I became a hoarder before I knew what hit me. Before long my desk, my garage, and my backyard were covered with junk I do not need. Books in my home take up more space than anything else. I finally realized that I would never live long enough to read all of my books, great books that they are. Like others I'm hoarding stuff with little or no value to anyone. Slowly I throw stuff out and I seem to be gaining ground.

So I know that many other people in Los Angeles, California have too much junk in their lives and need help getting in order. Sooner than we know hoarding controls our indoor lives at home. Now don't get me wrong. I admit to having he hoarder gene inside me. That's genetic fact. But, I do hoarding cleanup very well. You see, it's easy throwing other people's stuff out.

Hoarding wastes many hours of our lives once it gets a foothold in our lives. We hoard as our emotions kick in. As we grow older we accumulate more stuff with emotional baggage attached to it. We inherit property from older folks and these older folks have special standing in our lives. As a result everything once theirs become part of our memories It's hard to give memories away.

As a consequence we end up living in a giant mess that only a professional hoarding cleanup company might hope to clean without emotional turmois. Los Angeles hoarding cleanup companies have no attachment to those special items so important to us. It's easy for them to throw out Uncle Frank's first-base glove.

But what about those pesky car keys that keep getting "lost" in our hoarding? If I could add up the many house I spent looking for my car keys over my lifetime, they I would possibly find a couple lost to meaningless searches.


One Day or a Week

In Los Angeles hoarding cleaning may take hours or days depending on my client's cleaning wishes. If you have the time and money, I have the cleaning. Since I'm local and I can clean alone when needed, it's really not much of a choir to return to a hoarding cleaning site and do some touching up. Sometimes this return helps because I do not have help standing in the way. I can move cleaning equipment around.


Hoarding comes to us from inside.

We reflect the world we come from. If our parent were hoarders, the odds are that we become hoarders. Out of three children in my family, I became the hoarder. I'm the only male too. My youngest sister proved the sloppier of the two girls. My oldest sister was miss super type A personality. Everything had a place and everything was in its place, or else.

Since my big sister didn't become a dictator of our county as I feared, I'm OK with my Los Angeles hoarding cleaning business. In the summer hoarding cleaning becomes a hot and sticky affair. It's nice to get moving early in the morning. My multiple web sites help to keep me busy in the warm months. I market my hoarding cleaning businesses with my Los Angeles Biohazard Cleanup, business too. Because I do more than just hoarding house cleanup and biohazard cleanup, I market my Los Angeles Crime Scene Cleanup business and its sisters. When it comes to Los Angeles hoarding cleaning I provide a good service for a good price.

My hoarding cleanup web site's "sisters" I mean Los Angeles Suicide Cleanup and Los Angeles Death Cleanup. These help to fight Los Angeles local corruption in the coroner's department. If you wonder what any of this has to do with hoarding cleaning, there are connections. At times deaths occur in hoarder homes, especially unattended deaths among the elderly in Los Angeles.

Solving the hoarding problem belongs to those of us with an urge to keep stuff. "You never now what's going to come in handy" I always say. Then I find when I need something handy it's not anywhere around. Many times I enter homes for Los Angeles death cleanup service and find tons of junk. I think to myself, "This house resembles my garage and desk." I know I'm learning something from the deceased.

If my wife ever lays the law down I lose my many widgets, wherever I might have placed them. Life for those with a gift for living with less has a spartan life-style worthy of imitation. But it's like losing weight. Wishing it away does not work. Walk and lose fat. Stop buying junk or continue hoarding and cluttering.

My last Los Angeles hoarding cleanup job lead to a decomposition resulting from a suicide. Maybe describing more than the hoarding behavior goes too far for story telling, but I will add that clutter helped confuse the deceased I'm sure. Death cleanup work in Los Angeles helps when it comes to staying fit for hoarding cleaning.

Anyone reading this far with an interest in our Los Angeles Sheriff's Coroner corruption will find more on this subject at my Ed Evans biohazard cleanup web site. Just Google Eddie or Ed Evans and I'll come up half-way down the page.

For those in need of my Los Angeles sewage cleanup business, I keep Los Angeles Water Cleanup Directory. Not many companies have signed on, but this should change with time. I did see that water sewage cleanup signed on recently.



Positive Self-Image

When we think of a hoarding cleanup we might also think of the positive self-image cleanup or enhancement. Because that's what's going on inside the client's mind, a change in their self-image. Their self-image changes from being the victim of their own hoarding compulsion to one of a more organized and self disciplined person. If they read these lines they might put some thought to this idea in their mind:

Before I start my next action, act, movement, or behavior, I will put whatever I'm using where it belongs and nowhere else. In this way it will not become part of a hoarding cleanup by first becoming clutter.

With these mental exercises the order exorcises their habit of putting off until later when they ought to do now. And what they ought to do now is keep control over each of their actions, which means taking self-control of their own behavior.


This type of behavior becomes a habit. Yes it's habitual behavior in human beings are animal habit. Teach us what we call a "good habit" and we use it rather than a "bad habit." So by simply beginning a pick it-up-now-and-place-it-where-it-belongs attitude about life, one's mind shifts to this behavior enforcement. We begin to police our daily routines in this way; our self-image begins to grow as a cop on the self-control while behind closed doors.

the alternative behavior allows us to continue placing our keys while not paying attention to what were doing. We are thinking about something in our near future, like eating hamburgers and fries that we carry into the house from the fast food stopover because it's so much easier than preparing our own food. I understand. I also understand that I need a nail in the wall in my kitchen where I place my keys when I first come into my house. Anything else in this behavior means breaking my own behavior law, put stuff away now. Then make that sandwich.

this self-imposed behavior modification by changing self-image works. People do it all the time. How many times have you seen an advertisement on the Internet for weight reduction? Have you seen those pictures of men and women who lost two and 300 pounds over a year by learning to control their appetite, by learning that once and needs exist as two different parts of human existence? They do.

Getting an idea of "I need this" out of one's mind and placing that idea "I want this" leads to self-destructive behavior and the need for a hoarding cleanup professional. It's that simple it's the same with any other addiction. It arises from habit. It's so much easier to toss our keys somewhere without paying attention as we take her jacket off and threw it on the armchair of the couch or chair. But in the long run our self-image begins to deteriorate as we see we live in a cluttered house and usually a cluttered dwelling turns into a quarter dwelling.

For some of us hoarding leads to a filthy house. And eventually not only have we ordered ourselves outside of our homes, but we've also added filth to her nightmare. How many times I done to a hoarding cleanup and found a very dirty house and discovered that it had exceeded the word "dirty" and entered the realm of "filthy."

That's were filthy house cleanup becomes another issue. Hoarding cleanup is often called dirty house cleanup. Dirty house cleanup is often called filthy house cleanup. When human or pet feces cleanup becomes part of our hoarding problem, then our lives have gone way out of control .

We not only learned a bad habit of mindlessly tossing our car keys here and there without concern for finding them (our mind and self-image have projected us into the refrigerator and its contents for this moment, rather than being-here-now.

So in this way cleaning up cat litter or puppy poop easily becomes discarded from our next behavior for the rewards of the all mighty kitchen; I know this pattern of behavior to well because I, like most humans, take pleasure in oral rewards, needed, wanted or otherwise. It's a simple state of mind to explain. Go inito that pleasant place in the back of the mind, what some psychologists call a "subconscience" rather than cleano ut the cat box or place keys where they belong. my first law when entering the house, "put keys in nail sticking out of kitchen wall above washing machine."as long as I follow the first law I seem to follow other sorts of orderly behavior. My orderly behavior helps keep my mind a little bit more orderly side don't go crazy looking for stuff.

Keep this in mind, Some mentally ill people become hoarders (skitzophrenia for one), but not all orders are mentally ill. Since many of my college days were spent in sociology classes, asking critical questions becomes natural to me. it still would not hurt to find out someone like Sigmund Freud had to say in his 1919 essay on obsessional neurosis. I might add that if we follow the idea of neurosis to explain our own eccentric behaviors then we will also agree that everyone has a neurotic style of one type or another. So is not if we are neurotic, it's a matter of our style of neurosis.


Sometimes mystified by what I find in hoarding cleanup situations, I could find no other explanation to readily suit my curiosity, in spite of Freud. I would easily lean on mental health issues. Since I'm not a professional psychologist by any means I steer clear of labeling people with psychological labels. Still, I'm forced to ask questions like what counts for an acceptable material life? Should I ask that well I have books cluttering my house and now their in boxes in my garage and shed? Then there's the back of my van.

some hoarding cleanup jobs are clearly perceived as the home of the schizophrenic. I learned this in biohazard cleanup doing what we call unattended death cleanup. In an unattended death cleanup decomposition would others call pewter flirtation of the human body cleanup is only one explanation, schizophrenia. For I have seen restrooms in which human beings defecated and treated it as if it were a play box and they were just mere toddlers. I'll not repeat those stories but they were the homes of orders. And they have come to the place where the lives tell them to hoard there used toilet paper.

Families that I met over the years and identify their loved one is a schizophrenic off their medication and be on medication. A often complain that they need professional full-time care but the family cannot afford such care. And since the state of California, other states as well, no longer provide full-time care for schizophrenics as it once did, they live isolated and homes.

just the same, there's more to these labels about workers becoming mentally ill or the mentally ill becoming, whichever comes first according to those in the business of labeling others mentally ill.  and narrows the ‘hoarding disorder’ in the DSM-5 as a type of psychopathology.

If you were unaware, the DSM-5 is the latest production of psychopathologists who now use this manual to describe and explain human psychological disorders. psychologists, psychiatrist, welfare workers, and even insurance adjusters use this manual to label other people somehow belonging to one of its categories. Primarily, the insurance industry demanded something of the nature of the DSM five to make payment for deviant human behavior like hoarding.

The "disorder" stigma became great circus for commercial television and pulp magazines. This along with producers of sensational TV series paid the labelers of hoarding "weirdness" great sums for their efforts. "The time feels ripe to reassess our knowledge of pack rats, extreme accumulators, and clutter addicts." Scott Herring, The Hoarders, Matterial Deviance in Modern American Culture (Kindle Edition)

So what accounts for the behavior of others who are not mentally ill and challenges what we call "normal"? We're talking about rotten cabbage heads left to rot over years at the bottom of a pile of filthy dishes piled at the corner of a kitchen sink. We are talking about cobwebs grown from ceiling corners to spread 2 and 3 feet upon kitchen floors. We're talking about hoarding dirt and filth as well as hoarding material goods beyond comprehension.finally were talking about hoarding feces.

Hoarding Cleanup Professionals

What about hoarding cleanup companies and their hoarding cleanup employees? What sort of person does hoarding cleanup and do more men do hoarding cleanup than women?

What about income and hoarding cleanup? This hoarding cleanup pay more than other types of cleaning like blood cleanup? These questions might interest you if for some reason like me, you do hoarding cleanup and in accounts for a good percentage of your yearly income.

I would not say that hoarding cleanup has been good to me, but it has helped during tough times.



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By "filth" I mean the real stuff: Poop, animal soaked fabrics, bacteria-laden kitchens and bathrooms, unkempt floors and other areas capable of harboring infectious waste. It's the sort of stuff most of us understand when we see it. If seeing is not enough, its odor removes any doubt. For this I charge to remove.

Yes, I also do blood cleanup and decomposition cleanup following homicides, suicides, and unattended deaths.

When it comes to filth cleanup or hoarding cleanup, the two are not mutually exclusive.


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